Journey Management Gets Further
Down the Path 

Adobe has, arguably, the most robust and connected ecosystem. This year with the release of journey orchestration, brands and their agencies can truly create experiences that can tie together search, website, mobile application and email in real-time, offering consumers relevant experiences. And that is not just a marketing speak. Adobe’s API approach connects with Adobe and non-Adobe applications and allows for real-time signals like location or inventory to deliver in the moment experiences. 

Proof Points

Giving Everyone Something in Common. Adobe is reimagining customer journey management by providing a common set of services to all its products, in particular these services will be integrated into the user interfaces of both Adobe Campaign and Marketo Engage. This will allow for: 

  1. Creating a consistent and adaptive experience across channels. 
  2. Using content and intelligence to connect with audiences. 
  3. Measuring what is driving engagement and growth.

Journey Orchestration Joins the Adobe Experience Cloud.  This new tool helps build real-time orchestration use cases leveraging contextual data stored in events or data sources. It allows customers to create journeys that are data enabled, via all the core services in Adobe Experience Platform such as:

  • People: Share audiences and attributes.
  • Offers: Create, manage, and make decisions across all channels.
  • Location: Enable geo-location for mobile apps with location awareness to enable location context-based use-cases.
  • Assets: Easily store, sync and share all your digital assets in a central location.

Getting into the Flow. With Sensei services, Journey orchestration can tap into Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to optimize the journeys to match goals. Technology is finally helping marketing teams figure out how these journeys are performing against goals and where there are failures, so in near real time, changes can be made to the flow to help achieve the stated goals.

“Digital transformation can be defined as the provision of an intelligent and intuitive online experience with a company's products and services for its external consumers as well as its employees and partners.”

-Deepak Narisety, VP of Experience Technology, Merkle

Our View

While the orchestration integration catalog is small at launch, over time many more services will be available. This ecosystem isn’t closed, so at Dentsu, we are looking forward to creating custom integrations to many of our services to run engaging and trackable experiences. Whether it is performance and media, creative, interactive or data and ops, all are becoming more closely aligned to provide true digital transformation.

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