Editor's Closing Thoughts

Learnings from the last economic decline will help us all when the next recession, inevitably, hits. We witnessed successful brands focusing on mattering to customers versus marketing at them. To accomplish this, they focused first and foremost on getting clear about their core reason for being, and then translated that into relevant, personalized customer experiences. At the same time, they found ways to leverage technological advancements to drive automation and efficiencies. And, most importantly, they continued to invest in their brands.

History has shown that those brands that had clear focus and discipline fared best. Amid uncertain times, they showed stability and were able to lead while others sat on the sidelines.

All of the excellent brand building stories that we’ve shared from the ANA Masters of Marketing offer great insights as to how to prepare for what’s next. Each of the presenters created brands that consumers proactively look for, advocate for and, even, pay a premium for. We have built Dentsu Aegis Network intentionally to address the future needs of both marketers and consumers, no matter what the challenge. We see this as the most exciting time for brands, marketers and consumers alike and look forward to all that’s to come.

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