Artificial Intelligence Begins to Feel Very Real  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere and it is quickly transforming the shopping experience. It has already begun to insert itself into many aspects of our lives from advanced security measures, to automated logistics to chatbots. By using AI to predict shopping patterns based on what shoppers buy and when they buy them online, retailers are using machine learning to enable recommendations for supplementary products, or even inform inventory. AI has grown beyond just ratings and reviews, and Adobe’s announcements of its impact on commerce show their vision of an AI driven commerce future.

Proof Points

The AI Toolbox is Filling Up. Three new AI services were announced: 

  1. Journey AI will analyze behavioral data from the millions of transactions generated by a retailer and help marketers create the right experience at the right time. 
  2. Leads AI will score and route leads in real time to allow sales representatives to respond to the best qualified leads first. 
  3. Content and Commerce AI will drive merchandise performance by measuring the effectiveness of content.

A Single Customer Comes into View. These three new tools will allow millions of data points to be brought together across all parts of the business to create a single view of the customer in real time that will allow brands and retailers to create personalized customer experiences in milliseconds instead of days, or not at all. These tools, combined with other Adobe Sensei capabilities, will be available globally to all Magento commerce customers this month.

Adobe Give Businesses a Break. In an effort to help small and medium-sized businesses, Adobe is offering Magento Commerce and Marketo Engage free for three months in a “Launch Package” to help businesses get online as quickly as possible. This coupled with the release of its Digital Economy Index, which analyzes trillions of transactions for more than 100 million product SKUs will allow businesses to see what’s selling and how to get their products to market as quickly as possible.

“In the early days of the 20th Century electricity was a little-known technology which some brands embraced, and some ignored. No one remembers the brands that took a back seat during the electric revolution. Artificial Intelligence will be the 21st Century’s electricity. Where will your company be?”

-Jon Reily, SVP & Global Head of Commerce Strategy, Isobar

Our View

This is a pivotal moment. AI is revolutionizing commerce as we know it. Everyone wins when brands and retailers are better able to make decisions in real time that help customers most when they need it. Along with our partners, Dentsu will be at the forefront of helping our clients excel amid this revolutionary moment.

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