A ‘Sneaks’ Peek into A Probable Future 

Every year at Adobe Summit, the 'Sneaks' presentations captivate the imagination of the martech world by demonstrating concepts and technologies being worked on inside the company. Sneaks is the most talked about content at the Summit and provides us all with an understanding of how technology and creativity can be married to delight consumers and truly change the game of digital, interactive content experiences. From innovations to help bridge the gap between collaborating in the physical and digital world, to platforms that incorporate perfectly fitting body and clothing imagery by leveraging AI, the seven innovations showcased at the 2020 'Sneaks' presentation certainly didn’t disappoint. Here are some 'Sneaks' highlights to solve common what-if scenarios:

Proof Points

What if We Could Ensure that Every Piece of Content Targeted an Individual? #ProjectSnippets provides the ability for brands to target content directly at specific segments of your customer population automatically using artificial intelligence. With Adobe’s tools, content authors can just choose the content they want to customize, select which audiences they want to customize it for, and the powerful Adobe platform takes over, delivering the right targeted message to users based on who they are and what interests them. (For more watch: 5:30+ here.)

What if Fashion Retailers Could Easily Optimize For Consumer Body-Types? #ProjectClothesSwap combines 3D modeling, AI/machine learning and photography to help deliver next generation content production in a world where every user expects it their way. This solution provides the ability to give a custom experience to every single user while lower costs for the brand. A product simulator and model simulator seamlessly augments and swaps imagery (e.g. a picture of a blouse) onto different sized models. (For more watch: 15:24+ here.)

What If We Could Reduce Barriers to Collaborating Virtually on Physical Documents? #ProjectDuallyNoted bridges the gap between people working together on physical experiences but separated by distance. Imagine two people proofing the design of a physical book, artwork, manuscript or even a printed banner. By leveraging augmented reality overlays in a seamless, intuitive way, this tool allows collaborators to add annotations and questions in a digital version of the object, while another person sees these real-time comments in augmented reality on the physical object and can also add comments. (For more watch: 1:32+ here.)

“Only about 60% of what we show in Sneaks actually makes it into product.”

—Steve Hammond, Senior Director, Adobe Experience Cloud

Our View

These are just three of the brilliant innovations showcased in the Sneaks presentation. Each demonstrates that the ability to collaborate, design, create and deliver data-driven marketing experiences is becoming easier and more cost effective. As marketers we need to ensure we’re constantly leveraging capabilities of the fast-evolving tools available. Anything less means being stranded behind by the tidal wave of technological change.

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